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    We cannot ship outside of the USA because of expensive agricultural inspection, quarantine, and Customs paperwork, etc.

    Shipping turn around for orders
    One - two business days before your item is sent. Custom harvested (fresh cuttings) may require a few days to air dry ends to prevent molding in transit. Orders placed Friday, Saturday, Sunday sales ship Monday or tuesday.

    No rush shipping
    Pease plan ahead for gifts, and planting dates for rare cuttings. We do not offer any expedited or "Next day" service due to the high cost of our heavy packages. UPS Ground is very reliable, fast, and satisfactory.

    Professional packing
    We have many years of expert packing experience with cactus. Skilled use of appropriate packaging materials ensures your cuttings will arrive in good condition.

    Return policy
    Normally there is no return for live plant cuttings. However,in the event of damage (very rare), or a mistake on our part (wrong items sent, etc.) then you may receive a 100% refund.

    Owner: Verne Robinson
    Business name: Cat & Cactus Heaven
    18092 Brennan Rd.
    Escalon, CA 95320 USA
    209 838 6132 /

    We will pay return shipping and 100% refund. It is less hassle for us to reimburse you than do paperwork for a freight claim. If we ask you to return the damaged shipment —Just put it back in the carton and UPS pick it up with a pre-printed return shipping label. Email us when the item is ready for pickup.

    UPS "Call Tags"
    This means they pick up from the same place it was delivered. You do not have to be home. The driver will have a preprinted label. No Stress! When the item is returned you will receive a refund to your credit card.

    Conditions of use and Privacy policy (below)
    This has been known to put people to sleep, so in case you have insomnia here it is. Please understand that this is required by our credit card processor. But it also shows we respect your private information. Really.