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For example: (Email) "I'd like 10 lbs San Pedro and 4 lbs bridgesii" Include: Your name & shipping address

Your invoice

We'll email back what your total $cost will be.

You are welcome to request special combinations, additional cuttings, etc. We'll help you get what you want.

Then select a payment method from the suggested alternatives below.

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How to pay for trichocereus?

No Paypal they banned San Pedro Cactus sales
No Credit Cards they black list sellers of San Pedro

Bank Transfers are the solution!

Your online banking has a TRANSFERS section - maybe you never noticed it. Transfers are the equivalent of writing a check or using a debit card - they transfers funds to someone else.

Visit our Bank Transfer tutorial

Do NOT send cash that has to be picked up in person. PopMoney, Western Union bank transfers, etc. will deposit your $payments to the seller's bank account.

Alternatives to PayPal and credit cards

$Google Wallet




Yes! Google Wallet use your bank account debit card to send money to: cactus_kate@trichocereus.com – cut & paste to spell it correctly

Yes! MoneyGram Walmart teamed up with them. You can buy a money transfer online using your debit card or cash advance from a credit card. Again; you are doing a bank transfernot cash picked up in person. Please don't do that.

$Bank Transfers


Yes! Standard bank transfers cost $1 to $3...super easy to transfer directly from your checking or savings.

Online banking lets you set up transfers yourself to pay us or pay your bills, etc. Check out the tutorial of screen shots below.

$Western Union bank transfers


Yes! Western Union transfers your funds directly into our bankcost $1/$100 cash, debit or credit cards. You may do this online the same as you can with your own online banking

Yes! Wire transfers cost $15 and up. Faster than a regular transfer; completed the same day.

You can use your credit card (cash advance) –at Western Union online if you have to.


PopMoney sends an email that allows me to deposit the customer's payment to my Visa debit card. Very efficient.

So many new payment schemes! Why?

Because PayPal earned $10 billion in 2016 from their 3% fee to sellers. Now other corporations want a slice of that pie! In basic terms all these payment methods are really bank transfers –debit cards, checks, PopMoney, MoneyGram, Venmo, SquareCash, PayPal, Google Wallet, Apple Pay, "e-checks", etc. ...made to look pretty with a software interface. Why not transfer yourself; directly from your checking or savings account?

Bank Transfer Tutorial

These steps at my bank should be similar to yours...

Follow the transfer steps...

It is pretty simple...just be calm, take your time...

Bank transfer or wire transfer?

$3 at mine...$1 at Western Union.

Wire transfers are fast for urgent situations.
Otherwise save your money.

Now for Routing #s

This is sort of like the email address of a bank.
Type carefully so you send money to the correct bank.

That is my bank's routing number for BBVA Compass

You need this info to pay us:

I'm posting this on the Internet?! Oh, well!

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Western Union takes credit cards

Western Union (WU) let's you buy a bank transfer
with credit cards. It is not necessary to spend the
fees for this; a regular bank transfer is inexpensive.

Western Union has options:

UPS Ground shipping

UPS estimated shipping time —from Central California to your region. Weather can cause delays, plus an extra day for remote locations.

UPS is highly reliable —the best shipping choice. Create a "My UPS" account to control delivery times and location. UPS cannot deliver to a Post Office box. UPS will email tracking, and updates.

NO USPS! Priority Mail "flat rate" boxes are too small for our large cuttings. The Post Office is too rough! Terrible service history... — We trust only UPS Ground.

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