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Standard Order items

7 lbs San Pedro cactus, trichocereus pachanoi tip cuttings: $68.95 + $14.95 UPS. Order limit —better to buy SP#10)
10 lbs San Pedro cactus, trichocereus pachanoi tip cuttings: $88.95 + $18.95 UPS. Order limit 4
4 lbs Bridgesii, trichocereus bridgesii tip cuttings: $72.95 + $14.95 UPS.
Order limit 2
10+ lbs Peruvian Torch, trichocereus peruvianus tip cuttings: $64.95 + $18.95 UPS. No order limits. We have tons!

Juul's Giant, Hybrid, Glaucus, KK242, etc.

Any Peruvian torch tip
cutting, approximately 18 inches and 4 to 5 lbs, from the Specials selection: $44.95 + $14.95 UPS. Order limit 10

Very large, fat, finest quality

Rare cuttings such as Macrogonis or the largest Wild Andes. individual tips about 8 lbs, or the largest Wild Andes, individual tips approximately 18 inches and weighing up to 8 lbs, from the Custom Cut selection: $74.95 + $18.95 UPS each. Order limit 6

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Debit cards, checks, mobile paying apps, etc. are all Bank Transfers. In fact, your online banking has a transfer section - that you probably never noticed. Transfers are the equivalent of writing a check, or using your debit card.

Visit our Bank Transfer tutorial

Please do NOT send cash that has to be picked up in person. We're not desperate!
Third party services such as PopMoney, Western Union, Google Pay, etc. will deposit directly into our account just like any old debit card purchase.

Payment methods we like!

Google Pay




Yes! Google Pay
Use your debit card to send money to: – (cut & paste to avoid errors). I like Google Wallet! It's cute & happy.

... MoneyGram?
Cost looks too high. Expensive fees for using a credit card. Why not use your own online banking to transfers funds yourself? That's inexpensive. Please do not send cash to be picked up in person.

Bank Transfers


Yes! Do it yourself bank transfers
Cost $1 to $3...super easy to transfer directly from your checking or savings to pay us. Like writing a check, but without the paper.

Check out our screen shot tutorial.

Western Union bank transfers


Yes! Western Union sells bank transfers online.cost may be as low as $1/$100 cash, using debit cards. But why not do it with your own online banking?

Wire transfers cost $15 and up. Faster than a regular transfer; completed the same day.

You can use your credit card (cash advance) –at Western Union online but it may be costly.


PopMoney deposits to the bank account of the person receiving money if the sender specifies the receivers bank routing and account#. Very efficient. Just be sure to specify out bank routing and account numbers.

Why so many new payment schemes?

In 2016 PayPal earned $10 billion from a 3% fee to sellers. Other corporations want a slice of that pie! Essentially all these payment methods are just bank transfers– debit cards, checks, PopMoney, MoneyGram, Venmo, SquareCash, PayPal, Google Wallet, Apple Pay, "e-checks", etc. ...made to look pretty with a software interface. Why not transfer directly from your checking or savings account? It's totally easy.

Bank Transfer Tutorial

These steps at my bank should be similar to yours...

Follow the transfer steps...

It is pretty simple...just be calm, take your time...

Bank transfer or wire transfer?

$3 at mine...$1 at Western Union.

Wire transfers are fast for urgent situations.
Otherwise save your money.

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Type carefully so you send money to the correct bank.

That is my bank's routing number for BBVA Compass

You need this info to pay us:

I'm posting this on the Internet?! Oh, well!

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Western Union takes credit cards

Western Union (WU) let's you buy a bank transfer
with credit cards. It is not necessary to spend the
fees for this; a regular bank transfer is inexpensive.

Western Union has options:

UPS Ground shipping

UPS cannot deliver to a Post Office box.

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Severe weather can cause delays.

UPS "my Choice" service
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NO USPS! Priority Mail "flat rate" boxes are too small for our large cuttings.
• The Post Office is too rough!
• Terrible service history

We only use UPS Ground

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