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"...the BEST peruvianus cuttings I've ever seen...As good –if not better– than just about anything I saw in the markets of Peru...You're a great vendor on Amazon and eBay. You do the good work in life"

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Sacred Cactus

The collection is comprised of authentic Peruvian trichocereus varieties collected decades ago by New Zealander Kate Jackson.After she passed on the Peruvian cactus at Desert Theatre Nursery in Watsonville found a new home in the California Central Valley. Today they thrive in fertile valley soil irrigated with water from the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Kate's huge stands of San Pedro cactus were propagated from a cutting brought back from Peru in the 1960s by a botanist with the University of California at Santa Cruz. Kate taught me how to root tip cuttings into new plants so now everyone can enjoy them. Her legacy collection includes T. peruvianus (many sub-variations), T. pachanoi, T. bridgesii (long & short spine, plus the monstrose form), T. spacianus, Juul's Giant, and a very fast growing blue skin, short spine peruvianus that grows like San Pedro on steroids.

Kate's generous spirit lives on through these plants. Her years of effort have been appreciated by collectors all across America. Thank you Kate, thank you customers, and thank you plant spirits. V.R.

Customer praise

April 24, 2018
Verne, I can't thank you enough for your generous selections and expert care and packaging! I am still taking it all in and my mind is blown! They are all so beautiful! I just finished getting them upright. Your generosity with my order has inspired me to gift one of the beautiful T. Bridgesii monstrose to a friend who is also a cactus person and a previous satisfied customer of yours. Your plants came highly recommended from him and I can see why! They arrived safe and sound, and I can tell you really took your time and put love into packaging them. I really appreciate that.

When I got home from work shortly after 6pm, I was so excited to see them waiting for me! My wife was also very impressed with the order. A few years ago she got the chicken and rabbit bug much like I have gotten the cactus bug, and with all of the plants we have in our lives now they are all forming this cool circle of sustainability that is turning into a way of life for us. These cacti are going to have a nice home here, and have some nice leafy roommates in the cold WA off season!

It was great to meet and do business with you, and I hope you have a great growing season! Thanks again, Nick

How we pack trichocereus

A busy night of packing with several large orders to ship.

(below)The Americn named Juul's Giant is most likely the Trichocereus pachanoi santaensis of Peru. It is a fabulous San Pedro! Really worth growing because they are like San Pedro on steroids.

These are typical of the Cactus Kate® legacy strain of San Pedro cactus; a Trichocereus pachanoi tracing back to its import in the 1960s by a botanist for the University of Santa Cruz botanical gardens. It is gone now because they were relentlessly stolen...a fate that also impacted the San Francisco botanical garden cactus & succulent display.

(below) The dogs always hang out with me when I pack cactus. Millie never joins us because she stays on duty watching over our flock of lambs. She is serious about her job! If Millie needs help she'll bark in a special way that sends the other running to back her up.

"...the BEST peruvianus cuttings I've ever seen...As good –if not better– than just about anything I saw in the markets of Peru...You're a great vendor on Amazon and eBay. You do the good work in life"

Michael @verizon.net April 27, 2017
"I was completely blown away by the size and quality of the largest Trichocereus of any type I've ever seen...I'm so impressed, I don't plan on ordering from anyone else...your cactus care information was the best I've seen! Thank you for your dedication to the highest possible standard of product quality and customer service. Kind regards, Mike"

December 23, 2017
"Hey Verne, just got your shipment. Really great job! I know things can be tough in the winter. Special thanks for the bonus Achuma. They are hard cactus to find. It is great as usual - Jeff"

December 1, 2017
"Would you like me to wire the money to you direct? Any way that we can make a deal on the quantity you were looking to sell? I used Western Union's app to transfer money to you...the fastest way to send it. It should be in your bank account in two days.

...unfortunate these medicinal plants are being targeted by the credit card companies...you are well known in the community and I know my money is in good hands regardless of PayPal or eBay. I am glad I could spread some good vibes Verne, I definitely appreciate the work you do. It means more than yall know. I really appreciate the extra product!!! You're the best man!!! -Alex"

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On eBay since 1998 — Here is some 2017 feedback

"Amazing quality...surpassed my expectations. Highly recommend"
"Sent me six...awesome awesome awesome so thankful buying more"
"Super healthy, fast shipping. Thanks"
"Good clean cuttings. Awesome"
"Cactus arrived and they were very nice pieces. Good wrapping and protection"
"Very fresh, great packaging. thank you! you have a steady customer"

Random praise

Terry - July 12, 2017 (zzzzz@yahoo.com)
"Awesome cactus. Enough there to start a very good forest here in Michigan.Thank you!""

Christopher - February 28, 2017
"Hey Guys - Just wanted to let you know that in my 20 years growing trichos these are straight-up the BEST peruvianus cuttings I've ever seen. Great job! As good--if not better, than just about anything I saw in the markets of Peru.""

Tim Nov 24, 2016
"Hey Verne ;) Hope your having a great Thanksgiving. Been awhile since I have placed an order, as all the children have grown well this last season. Many pups and cuttings for the new season ... Your a great vendor on Amazing Amazon and eBay. You do the good work in life. Take care of all the “children”, sheep, dogs and anything else that needs caring. Be well and take the time to count the many things we have to be thankful for this season. cya, Tim"

"Cactus Kate, I read your page top to bottom, thank you for being so thorough. I was previously buying through one of your competitors on eBay, and now feel more comfortable with your business. Thank You. Ken"

"Cactus Kate, I have previously ordered from you and was impressed by your passion and commitment to these beautiful plants. Thank you for your informative website and sharing your knowledge with me. I look forward to planting these puppies and will let you know how they turn out! All the best, Robert"

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