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Cactus Kate® Trichocereus are authentic Peruvian varieties collected decades ago by New Zealander Kate Jackson. After her death the collection at Desert Theatre Nursery in Watsonville moved to the California Central Valley. Today it thrives in fertile valley silt irrigated with water from the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Kate had huge stands of authentic San Pedro cactus —Trichocereus pachanoi — propagated from a cutting brought back from Peru by a U.C. Santa Cruz botanist in the 1960s.
This mother plant is the source of your San Pedro cuttings
1987 — Kate taught me how she rooted cuttings into new plants; allowing her legacy specimens to multiply, making them available to many others. The collection includes T. peruvianus (many sub-variations), T. pachanoi, T. bridgesii - AKA Echinopsis lageniformis or Bolivian torch cactus, T. spacianus, Juul's Giant, and a special fast growing blue skin short spine one thatlooks like San Pedro on steroids. Such specific varieties will be offered in the near future as we develope this mobile friendly website.

Kate's generous spirit lives on in the plants she loved to share with others. Those efforts brought many rewards and the praise from collectors across America. Thank you Kate, thank you customers, thank you plant spirits.

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